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"It only takes 56 seconds to make a meaningful human connection with a patient."

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  • Bringing a human touch to patient care

    The digital age has brought uncountable enhancements to the healthcare industry. However, patients today feel like the human touch in medicine is missing, with hospitals becoming increasingly busy and doctors and nurses required to be as efficient as possible.  

    Despite that, clinicians like you shouldn’t be discouraged. The good news is: building a trusting relationship with your new patients can be quick and easy. Your stethoscope is often the first point of physical contact, and can be used to break the ice at the initial meeting. Having a stethoscope that reflects your personality can aid in calming down your patient, in turn fostering trust and facilitating more meaningful interactions during care.

  • Have a (stethoscope with) heart

    As the 3M™ Littmann® stethoscope evolved, features that enhanced the human touch during patient examination were incorporated, such as the non-chill bell sleeves that insulate your patients’ skin against a cold stethoscope bell rim. Small, but significant improvements like these tell patients a lot about how much you care, and the level of professionalism that you bring to your work.

    We believe that when you hear better, you connect better with your patients. The 3M™ Littmann® Cardiology IV™ and Classic III™ stethoscopes feature advanced 3M™ Littmann® tunable technology to help you learn your patients’ conditions better through consistent high acoustic performance. They are now available in fresh, exciting colours and chest piece finishes to suit your personal style.

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Scope Out Your Style

From rainbow chest piece finishes
to caribbean blue eartubes, nothing
says "this is who I am" more than
your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope.