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Littmann Stories

Discover the inspiring stories doctors, nurses, medical professionals around the world are sharing about their 3M™ Littmann stethoscopes, and be part of a growing community of users making a difference to their patients' lives. 

What doctors in India are saying about their 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes

  • “Superior quality, sleek design and brilliant acoustics, a boon to a doctor!”

    – Dr. Arun S K

    Dec 1, 1901
  • “Accuracy is crucial during auscultation and my Littmann has never failed to deliver.”

    – Dr Anisha Siwal

    Dec 1, 1901
  • “It’s been 6 years of my association with this wonderful stethoscope and there’s no looking back at all. It has allowed me to reach through the hearts of the patients.”

    – Dr. Sagari Ananda

    Dec 1, 1901

Inspirational stories shared by 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope owners

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Scope Out Your Style

From champagne chest piece finishes
to lavender eartubes, nothing
says “this is who I am” more than
your 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope.