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Learning Lung Sounds

Educational CDs

This educational CD-ROM includes the most important clinical information on lung sounds that physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, students and other physicians need to know. It has audio, text, illustrations and synchronised waveform displays. The multimedia presentation shows students the principles of lung auscultation with examples of a number of normal and abnormal lung sounds. this product also introduces the concepts of acoustic analysis.

Features include:

  • Identification of normal and abnormal lung sounds to aid in diagnosis
  • Fast access to sound library with accurate visual representations
  • Detailed description of underlying lung sound mechanisms
  • Multimedia CD-ROM
  • Audio playback with synchronised waveform display
  • Textual descriptions
  • Lung Sound Patterns
  • Cases
  • Compatible with PC and Macintosh systems
For each common lung sound, this course provides a textual description, audio playback of the sound and visualisation. The visualisation includes the waveform of the sound with key lung sound features marked, such as inspiration and expiration. As the sound is played-back, a cursor moves across the waveform. This synchronised cursor allows the student's eye to reinforce what is being heard.

A screenshot from the multimedia CD is included below.


Screenshot of multimedia CD video illustration.

Lung Sound Patterns

In addition to presenting common lung sounds, this course provides descriptions, visualisation and sounds for common lung illnesses. These illnesses include COPD, asthma, pneumonia, heart failure, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, interstitial fibrosis and pneumothorax. For each illness, a text summary is presented, followed by a comprehensive collection of lung sounds from across a patient's chest.

These sounds are accessed via a diagramme of the chest with sounds & waveforms for each auscultation site.

Screenshot of multimedia CD video illustration.
Screenshot of multimedia CD video illustration.


Eight cases are presented. Each case includes findings from physical exams, lab studies, pulmonary function data, x-rays and a comprehensive set of lung sounds.

Screenshot of multimedia CD video illustration.

Lung Anatomy

The course provides illustrations of lung anatomy, along with text descriptions. A screenshot taken from the course is included below.

Screenshot of multimedia CD video illustration.

Stethoscope Basics

  • Techniques: Learn how to get the best acoustical performance from your stethoscope
  • History of Stethoscopes: Learn the history of one of the most valuable diagnostic instruments in the history of medicine
  • Stethoscope Anatomy: Dissect one of our most popular stethoscopes and learn the significance of each piece
  • Short vs. Long Tubing: Determine the tubing length that is right for you
  • Differences in Acoustics: Discover what variables contribute to acoustical response
Learning Lung Sounds

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